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Tandem Book Writing and Equational Poetry Presents:


The Domestic Marine Series.


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Now The Domestic Marine Series would like to introduce The Code Talkers Series? The Code Talkers Series was spawned out of The Domestic Marine Series.


Here's a preview of what's to come from The Code Talkers Book Series:





Date Stamp December 12, 2018

Clarification “Storyline” Snippet:
. . .“The ‘Storyline’ has a dedication also!”


     Explanation: It’s a semi autobiography that explores history, the past, the present, from many perspectives, the future, the finite world and beyond to infinity!


     There is also a “background Process” Story and a dedication Story! Three Story(s) all told, but one is by codetalker code and this dedication has not yet been whole-souled!


     The purpose of “all that” is to take one’s “Self” on a journey, where ever one’s “Self” hasn't been, to collect what one is missing, by one’s own means, to continue building upon one’s own dreams!


     The collection is vast to choose from but if one by chance doesn't find one, one is certain to find the tool’s needed, to continue one’s journey as before, but as one continues one’s journey, one’s journey will be one like never before and one will not be alone on this new journey any more, if one open’s heart’s “core,” by first opening heart’s door?

Tandem Book Writing Presents:


The Domestic Marine Series:

4 books Series,

Series Companion Book V


Out of Series books:

The Domestic Marine,

Never before and never again; there is only one "Domestic Marine"

The Domestic Marine
The Tomboy
The Silencer Project
True Love
The Domestic Marine: Core:
Invisilife Revealed:

The new Code Talkers Series first two books:

Due to a Patent timetable concerning The Silencer Project, Patent Pending, the main book and The Angel One free download will be the first two books to be released.

The Poker Game Algorithm: